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The Attention-Deficit Workplace
Winning Strategies for Success in Today’s Fast-Paced Business Environment

“The pre-eminent playbook for thriving and winning in the turbo-charged world of 24/7 companies.”
— Jonathon Spalter

Based on the author's experience as a business leader, lecturer and e-commerce pioneer, here’s an important book that offers smart, timely advice on how to succeed in today's workplace.

Today’s executive is like a sprinter poised at the beginning of the race. He or she sends an e-mail, takes a speakerphone conference call, signs a contract to close a deal, practicing the balance of office yoga, all the while nursing a morning latte gone cold. These simultaneous demands placed on the executive are an inevitable part of managerial life that can lead to either stress or success.

So how does one effectively manage these competing demands in the attention-deficit workplace? The answer can be found in the highly informative and entertaining book, THE ATTENTION-DEFICIT WORKPLACE (THE LYONS PRESS, JUNE 2005), which offers over 50 experience-based parables and lessons. The topics covered are essential for working executives and managers, home-based business owners, job-seekers and even people who never have to work again.

Chapters include:

  • How to persuade others to accept and implement your ideas.
  • How to handle office romances.
  • How to manage your personal "ATM" (Attention Time Machine).
  • How to make multitasking more effective.
  • How to handle office nuisances such as "spam people."
  • How to get your resume noticed.
  • How to manage the daily onslaught of e-mails.
  • How to avoid stress and workplace conflict.
  • How to make multitasking work more effectively for you.

The author, Mitch Thrower, takes readers on a breezy, insightful journey filled with lessons on how to successfully navigate the attention-deficit maze that is so familiar in today’s workplace. Growing up in Westport, Connecticut, he learned firsthand from his father who was a television pioneer and president of WPIX TV in New York City, and his mother who was one of Jacqueline Kennedy’s executive assistants in New York City, the importance of time and attention management. In the span of just one decade after finishing college, Thrower founded and later sold a student travel business, became an owner of Triathlete magazine, and was co-founder of The Active Network, Inc., ( which is the world’s largest sports software, marketing and commerce service provider. was named Inc.’s 99th fastest growing company in 2004 and now employs over 300 people. Thrower is also a fourteen-time Ironman Triathlon finisher. Thrower shares with readers his experiences, business know-how, mistakes made, and lessons learned in this valuable book.


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Commenting on the book, Dr. Tom Hill, author of Living at the Summit and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul called The Attention-Deficit Workplace, “An eye-grabbing, page-turning book. A must-read that's certain to educate, and enlighten."

According to Jonathan Spalter, the Senior Vice-President of Vox Pop Media, and Former Senior Vice-President, Vivendi Universal, ""The Attention-Deficit Workplace" is nothing short of a revelation.  Mitch Thrower, represents a new breed of business leader with tremendous vision, compassion, stamina, and laser-like focus. In this easy-to-read volume, he opens his huge heart and agile mind, along with his remarkable trade secrets, on how to build successful companies. He has written the pre-eminent playbook for thriving and winning in the turbo-charged world of 24/7 companies. The reader will have more "Aha!" moments per page than any other business book of its kind."


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